Locke Living Case Study

November 2021

Seam matched artwork on umbrella

Client: Locke Living

Product: City Walker Pro

Customisation on umbrella: Seam matched artwork on umbrella using digital print on the external canopy.

Seam matched artwork on umbrella. This City Walker Pro umbrella model features a stunning seam matched digital print on the umbrella canopy using artwork provided by the client. This umbrella was created for the hotel chain company, Locke. Locke has created a niche in the hotel market for what they refer to as ‘aparthotels’. A space to stay in that has been thoughtfully created and enables a stay away from home to be fully equipped for what you would need. Both efficient and comfortable. Locke focus on the locality being at the heart of their mission, and bring the neighbourhood into each of their buildings, which includes a team of local hosts to give their clients insider views on the city they are staying in.

We created an eye-catching City Walker Pro umbrella with seam-matched digital print over the entire outer canopy based on artwork provided by the client.  Each panel was printed and then sewn by hand to ensure that the intricate design was perfectly matched at every seam to really allow the full impact of the umbrella to show when it is opened.

There are multiple options for custom branded umbrellas, and we can combine a multitude of techniques to create the branded umbrella that you are looking for. For this design, we used digital printing for the umbrella panels which are printed prior to construction. Once the panels are printed, they are sewn onto the umbrella frame and the artwork is carefully matched up at the seams for a continuous flow of design.

Each umbrella model includes customisation options to suit your budget or lead time. It maybe you need an umbrella quickly, we’ll manufacture your umbrella in the UK, which we can turn around within 2-3 weeks. Customisation options are limited to a logo print on a UK manufactured umbrella, but if you have a slightly longer lead time then we can create a more bespoke umbrella, as with the Locke Living City Walker Pro.

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