Printed vented umbrellas

Printed vented umbrellas were traditionally believed to be more sturdy than a golf umbrella due to the vented panels that allow the wind to pass through to prevent the umbrella from folding inside itself. In order to understand the difference so you can make a choice, then it’s helpful to know how a vented golf umbrella is different to a standard golf umbrella.

How is a vented golf umbrella different to a golf umbrella?

A vented umbrella is made the same way as a standard golf umbrella and has 8 panels. Instead of a panel being made from one piece of fabric, it is made from two and sewn together differently to allow wind or heat to escape through the top of the umbrella.

Why would I choose a vented umbrella?

  • Comfort! If you are using a vented umbrella on the golf course or on a hot motorsport race grid line-up then you will want any heat to rise and escape from the top of the umbrella, rather than act as a mini-tent over your head in the heat.
  • Stability: the size of the golf umbrellas is vast. Great for promotional purposes but not brilliant in high winds. If it’s very windy and the wind gusts up inside the umbrella it can catch you off guard and swing you about, twist your arm unexpectedly, fly out of your hand or turn inside out.

Fortunately, our products are made with fibreglass ribs which means that they will keep their shape when you pop them back the right way around.

So, it’s personal preference since we believe our standard golf umbrellas and our vented umbrellas are sturdy, so it’s really up to you which you choose.

Quick printed vented umbrellas

If you have a short lead time and need your order quickly, we offer our printed vented umbrellas in 32 stock colour panel colours. Your logo can be printed on each panel or alternate panels or even one panel to suit you! Delivered within 3 weeks or sooner if you talk to us about the event you need them for and we can work on our schedule to match yours.

Promotional vented umbrellas

If you’ve got a longer lead time of 6-8 weeks, we can customise your umbrella in a variety of ways to really dial up how special it looks. So let us know what dates you’re working with and we can make recommendations.

Printed vented umbrellas             

Depending on your lead time and design, then we will offer the most appropriate print method available for your artwork. Those print options include:

  • Logo printing: artwork printed within an area of an umbrella panel. Usually a screen print.
  • All over print: artwork is printed all over the panel and this can be a digital or screen print.
  • Photo print: a photograph is printed either on one panel, all 8 panels or across all 8 panels and matched up. This would be a digital print.

Customisation options for vented umbrellas

Handle: pistol grip handle on our stock model has a comfort grip and can be changed to match your artwork and panel colour. 9 different handle options in various wood or rubber.

Panel colour: 32 stock colours to choose from or we can Pantone match the panels if you have a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

Label: if we make this umbrella from scratch for you, then we can include a woven label to be part of your branding.

Benefits of our printed vented umbrellas

Automatic opening Golf umbrella with digital print printed vented umbrella

Windproof canopy

Durable fibreglass ribs

Choice of handles

2 year guarantee for quality

8 reasons to choose The Umbrella Workshop


Our umbrellas all have a 2 year quality guarantee that they won’t let you down.


We understand creative execution, our small team have textile or creative degrees.


Thousands of global brands trust us with their brand identity to ensure we match it accurately.


More than 15 years experience in the promotional merchandise industry, we know what we’re doing.


With production facilities in the UK and Far East we’ve got a model of umbrella to suit your requirements.


Huge range of print method and design options including Pantone matching, attention to detail is imperative to your brand and our reputation.


Your strict deadline is ours and we’ll work with you to ensure swift and accurate delivery through our global distribution service.


We can ship to multiple addresses and anywhere in the world.

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