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Umbrella FAQs

Our vented umbrellas actually look like they have two canopies, but what a ‘double canopy’ actually refers to is an umbrella with a decorative interior lining. We’ve produced umbrellas with everything from cloud prints to bespoke maps on the inside.

These stylish umbrellas are ‘walking length’, traditional in style and slightly smaller than golf umbrellas – ideal for urban environments!

Pongee is a high quality (190T – T referring to thickness and strength) polyester fabric. Owing to its fantastic water-repellent nature and quick-drying quality, it is perfect for use in umbrella making. Plus, it takes print very well… How convenient!

  • Fibreglass: Strong lightweight, with an element of flexibility. Less brittle than wood.
  • Aluminium: Lightweight, allows for miniaturisation of mechanism in smaller umbrellas.
  • Wood: Elegant, traditional and environmentally neutral.
  • Carbonite steel: Provides great strength and durability in premium umbrellas.

Our umbrellas are tested to withstand gusts of up to 40 mph, and unlike cheaper versions are designed to turn inside out and recover. All come with an impressive two year guarantee as standard. Vented umbrellas allow for extra resistance, allowing wind to pass through them, reducing tugging in high wind. However, their 16 panel construction limits branding.

See below how we test our umbrellas for wind speed.

Umbrella material is very thin and translucent. Shadow show through refers to a technique of using 2 pieces of material and allowing the image the show through, creating a pleasant visual effect.

Our umbrellas are available in three main sizes: Sports, Walking and Telescopic.