Umbrella with 4-colour print

4 Colour Print Process (Fine Art Printing)

For Fine Art Printing we have the ability of printing to extremely high quality using a 4 colour print process used specifically for reproduction Artwork and Gallery pieces where dramatic colour and shading is required.

Fine art printing requires detailed reproduction of subtle colour differences and depth. This is a more expensive print process but allows immense depth of colour and detail.

Umbrella fine art printing allows museums and heritage locations to leverage their assets, to create a unique and desirable product. The level of detail is incredible and we have done a number of umbrellas for Museums and Art Galleries both in Europe and The USA.

We have a number of contacts within the world of professional photography that help make your project a reality.

We have supplied many Fine Art printed umbrellas to Museums and galleries. We use specialist photographers who are used to working with fine art reproductions.

We are one of a few suppliers that can produce eye catching designs, and prints over the entire umbrella. Manufacturing an all over print umbrella takes exceptional skill and attention to detail, to ensure the finished item is one continuous canvas.

Umbrellas are a superb high value gift and souvenir, able to benefit from the unique assets of the organisation.

We can match bags with our umbrella products, reproducing fine art printing on a range of products, from umbrellas to bags and wearables.

Our sister company the bag workshop works closely with our umbrella team to create a range of complimentary products.

Please call our team to discuss the options available.

Umbrella print options

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