Custom umbrella sleeves and carry cases both offer similar functions. An umbrella sleeve is a pocket that an umbrella slips into when not in use. An umbrella carry case might include a handle or wrist strap that the user can carry the umbrella in when not in use. The benefits of custom umbrella sleeves and umbrella carry cases, include the presentation of the umbrella. This is a great design touch for umbrellas being offered as corporate or employee umbrella gifts.

Umbrella sleeves also offer additional protection to the umbrella when it is being transported in a bag, or the boot of a car. An umbrella carry case for a golf umbrella or walker umbrella might include a longer, adjustable, strap. This can allow the user to carry the umbrella when it is not in use. This feature is especially effective for golf umbrellas that are being used on the golf course. Alternatively, when an umbrella is being carried when out walking.

Umbrella sleeves and umbrella carry cases are fully customisable. This includes the colour of the sleeve, the logo application, and even the style of handle to carry it.

Umbrella sleeves and carry cases are not only practical, but also unusual and adds a bespoke, luxury angle to the overall design of the umbrella.

Custom umbrella sleeves and carry cases can be customised to match the company branding. A logo can be added in print or embroidery. Alternatively, a company URL or slogan can be printed or embroidered to the outside of the carry case or sleeve. Not only this, but custom perimeter tape can also be added to the edge of an umbrella carry case or sleeve to tie in to the design of the umbrella itself. These taped edges can also be Pantone matched to brand colouring on higher order quantities.

Umbrella Workshop are specialists in umbrella manufacture and superb customisation. Our umbrellas are premium quality and include a 2 year guarantee, as standard. This can assure you that your umbrella won’t let you down. We manufacture different models of umbrellas, including golf umbrellas, walking umbrellas and folding umbrellas.

Customising an umbrella varies in decoration options. Pantone matching, digital printing, all over print, and double canopy print are a few of these. These umbrella customisations are a great place to start when personalising an umbrella for your brand. All over print and double canopy printing enables you to apply different designs to the inside and outside canopies of the umbrella, whilst Pantone matching can ensure that the correct brand colour palette is applied to the umbrella.

Map printing on umbrellas is another customisation, and is a unique and popular choice that is especially popular with property developers, real estate and hotel clients. Other ideas for personalising umbrellas include customised umbrella handles, coloured umbrella shafts or coloured perimeter and rib tape on umbrellas.

More premium bespoke umbrella options include engraved handle rings, and umbrella carry cases. Both of these, are great ways to include subtle branding. Personalised umbrella carry cases work well for sports umbrellas and golf umbrellas, particularly. For example, customising umbrella carry cases with a company logo. By doing this, the brand presence is still evident, even when the umbrella is closed and being transported around a golf or sporting event.

Another way to reinforce branding, is with printed and woven labels. These are great way to reinforce the presence of the brand logo or an understated brand stamp, or slogan.

Along with customised branded umbrellas, we also manufacture bespoke bags. Find out more about our bags and complete your branded portfolio of merchandise with branded bags, metalwork, drinkware and much more.

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