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four women standing against a white background employee engagement ideas

Employee engagement ideas

Employee engagement ideas vary and should be carefully considered. Employees play an important role in your organisation. They are primary, important internal stakeholders who help define, shape and carry out the tactical operations of a business. They bring energy to planning and operations, they are the face of your company, they interact with your customers […]

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The Four Key Influencers of Consumer Behaviour

The most successful businesses are able to design their products and services around their customer’s needs and pain points. Doing this means having a strong understanding of what makes their target market tick. Ultimately, they are always reflecting and asking themselves, why would people buy from them and not someone else? Understanding your target market […]

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custom printed umbrellas promotional marketing ideas

8 Promotional Marketing Ideas to Boost your Business Exposure

Attention is a scarce resource. The average human only has an attention span of 8 seconds, down 4 seconds from where it was in 2000, according to a study by Microsoft. These few seconds may not seem much, but for marketers, they can spell the difference between a new loyal customer, and another disinterested passer-by. Marketers […]

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