The Estimated CPM of Advertising Using Branded Umbrellas

February 2024

CPM of Advertising Using Umbrellas

With any advertising investment, businesses want to know what their Return on Investment (ROI) will likely be before committing. For branded umbrellas, we calculate this using Cost Per Mille (CPM), which is the cost per thousand impressions. 

Calculating an exact CPM for branded umbrellas is tricky due to many factors, such as weather conditions, crowd density whilst the umbrella is open, distribution, the lifespan of an umbrella and the umbrella’s effectiveness in promoting the brand or organisation. These factors mean we cannot measure the CPM of branded umbrellas as accurately as a social media advertising campaign or a Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, for example. 

Let’s look at an example CPM for a branded umbrella campaign using some intelligent estimates:

Number of umbrellas1,000
Number of views per day, per umbrella50 
Number of days the umbrellas are used per year100
Number of views after 3 years15,000,000

So, if the cost of producing and distributing the branded umbrellas is £10,000, the CPM would be 15,000,000\1,000, which is £0.66 CPM. 

The CPM of branded umbrellas generated from this example is very low and offers fantastic value compared with more traditional forms of advertising. 

Comparison with Other Forms of Advertising 

In 2023, the mean CPM of an active ad with Meta, the company that owns Instagram, Facebook and Messenger, was around £1.39 [source], the CPM for streaming services like ITV Hub and All 4 is around £30 and for Amazon Prime is around £20 [source]. It is predicted that these numbers will become less favourable as more and more streaming services and platforms hit the market and user numbers change accordingly. 

For billboard advertising in the UK, the CPM rate can vary from around £5 up to £20 per 1000 impressions [source]. Direct mail can be between £400 and £800 [source].

Branded umbrellas are a superior choice over more traditional advertising methods. Unlike billboards, which rely on static visibility and TV ads susceptible to channel switching, branded umbrellas offer great exposure when users carry them around, turning them into moving billboards during rainy weather. 

Umbrellas also serve a practical purpose, ensuring repeated impressions with every use, which helps maximise brand visibility. This repeated usage contrasts with direct mail campaigns, which often end up straight in the bin unread. 

Branded umbrellas provide a tangible, long-lasting promotional tool that recipients appreciate and use, extending the advertisement’s lifespan beyond a single interaction. Ultimately, branded umbrellas offer a cost-effective means to achieve sustained brand exposure, making it a more strategic investment than traditional advertising channels. 

Enjoy a Low CPM with Branded Umbrellas for Your Business 

If you’d like to take advantage of a fantastic ROI for your advertising cash, branded umbrellas are a great choice. Global brands trust The Umbrella Workshop to design and manufacture high-quality branded umbrellas that demand attention. 

Our team of experts will work closely with you to design and create a personalised umbrella that will display your brand prominently for years. To learn more, speak to a team member by calling UK: 01225 667 979 or USA: 8666 158 187. Alternatively, you can email