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Portfolio of luxury promotional merchandise

Nyetimber commissioned us to produce a complimentary portfolio of branded merchandise that included a premium walking umbrella, USBs and pens.

Umbrella for luxury brand

As an established, high-end vineyard, their merchandise was also required to be of a high standard. Renowned for their quality – their chief wine maker, Cherie Spriggs made a stir in 2012 in the drinks industry due to her insistence on high-standards.

‘Over in West Sussex, Cherie Spriggs caused a stir this year when she declared she would not be bottling a 2012 vintage at her English sparkling estate Nyetimber, as the quality of her grapes was not up to her high standard.’ – Lucy Shaw, The Drinks Business, 21 December 2012.

With their standards in mind, we created a quality set of branded merchandise to suit their brand values. A quality portfolio of bespoke branded promotional merchandise that consisted of a wooden branded USB, wooden branded pen and stunning customised promotional umbrella with double canopy which gives it a luxury feel.

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A symbol for democracy

There are striking images coming from Hong Kong of protesters using umbrellas as a symbol for pro-democracy which are moving and emotive. Protesters have been using umbrellas to protect them from tear gas and are using them to mark territory they are occupying.

We’re wishing our colleagues and associates a safe and democratic outcome.

Chalk umbrella America Aljazeera Thousands of pro-democracy protesters gather to march in the streets to demand universal suffrage in Hong Kong HK single man with umbrella


Vantablack umbrella?


Acclaimed sculptor, Anish Kapoor, famed for his huge-scaled sculptures designed to unsettle the viewer and twist their surroundings, is exploring the possibilities of working with the world’s darkest, blackest material, Vantablack. We heard this exciting news this morning and read it in Dazed.

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Why use an agency?

Brands choose agencies for sourcing projects, services or products themselves because an agency will have the specific skill set, knowledge, experience and supplier network to service a brand. An organisation may have a great marketing team in place but they will be looking to solve a specific need such as branding, digital strategy or promotional merchandise and use people who have the resource to get the job done, professionally and to budget first time.

We work with many creative agencies looking for confidence in producing an umbrella (or beautiful bag!) We are an agency and we understand the importance of great  account management. Our team have worked for agencies and client side, we get it.

We understand that when a client wants something, they want it usually yesterday, so we ensure we get back to you when we say we will. We’ll keep you updated, so you’ve got answer for your client.

We understand that when you are giving your client options, you need to understand those options so we furnish you with images, descriptions and samples.

We also appreciate that a client is spending their budget and are demanding the best. We offer a 2 year guarantee on our umbrellas. We know we’re the best.


If you’re interested in reading more about agencies, we enjoyed this blog from Brolik about boutique agencies vs large agencies.

Psychology of colour

Color_Emotion_Guide_The Logo Company


We see in colour. We dream in colour. We think in colour. So what’s in a colour?





A logo tells us about the soul of a company. The colours they use tell us if they are loud or conservative. Progressive or traditional. We make those assumptions based on colour, how they talk about themselves and what they ask.  These things also help us advise on which model of umbrella to choose, for what a company wants to achieve.

Loving this psychology of colour from The Logo Company

Have a think about what your logo says about you.

It’s neigh bother

We use a rather fun horse head to model our umbrellas. We’re not the only ones who like Neddy to help them out.

We’ve enjoyed this story of someone wearing a horse head to meet American president Barrack Obama.

Using Neddy helps us make our imagery concentrate on the beauty of the umbrella, rather than the model. We also like a giggle.

Take a look at this news story from the BBC about Scottish horse boy, this really made us laugh.

More Horse related stories here


horsing around

Property developers get beautiful

Blog_prop Printed-map-and-custom-woven-label-for-promotional-Walker-umbrella

We work within a variety of industries to provide different umbrellas for a number of purposes. That can include giving umbrellas as gifts to clients, using in an appropriate situation as well as a visual promotion.
Property developers and estate agents are among some of our more regular clients. An umbrella is often required when managing and conducting viewings for prospective buyers. It provides a great space to promote your brand as well as protect the user from the rain between property viewings.

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The umbrella workshop prestigious client base

The History and Derivation of Umbrellas

The word umbrella originates from the word ‘Umbra’ which means the shade cast by an opaque object. In 1609 there is a mention in the English Poet John Donne’s letters. He uses the term ‘ombrello’.  This was then altered with the influence of the word ‘Umbra’, from ‘Umbella’ to ‘Umbrella’: the word we recognise immediately today.  Continue Reading…


How Promotional Umbrellas Can Work for You

Choosing a promotional item that can also serve a useful purpose is an important element to consider when marketing your business or product. Promotional umbrellas make for an extremely desirable gift. Items that are used daily, such as promotional pens, printed mugs, branded clothing are great for low-cost giveaways, but can have quite a short life and may be quickly discarded. Promotional umbrellas however are not a gift that would be discarded, at worst they might be passed on to somebody else.  Continue Reading…

Big brand umbrella advertising

A 5 minute guide to promotional marketing

What is promotional marketing? 

Simply put it’s a marketing strategy which aims to get potential customers to choose your product or brand.  The primary objective of promotional marketing is to keep your product or brand in the mind of the customer.  You want them to buy from you so it’s essential to promote your business effectively.  Continue Reading…