Vantablack umbrella?

September 2014

Acclaimed sculptor, Anish Kapoor, famed for his huge-scaled sculptures designed to unsettle the viewer and twist their surroundings, is exploring the possibilities of working with the world’s darkest, blackest material, Vantablack. We heard this exciting news this morning and read it in Dazed.

Following a two year development, Great Britain made a breakthrough with the world’s darkest material. This super-black material called Vantablack, developed by Surrey NanoSystems, reaches new levels of sensitivity and performance to create a black hole effect which comprises a forest of vertical tubes so when light hits Vantablack, instead of bouncing off it, it becomes trapped and deflected between the tubes before becoming heat.

So, maybe one day we’ll be able to create a Vantablack umbrella. Wow!

In the meantime, we can make you a black umbrella. In a number of blacks. The full Pantone range of blacks. Pongee black. Polyester black. Matt black. Shiny black. Black frames. Black handles.

You can find our more about Anish Kapoor’s work here.