Advertising umbrellas

Advertising umbrellas are one of the most powerful marketing tools. Advertising umbrellas are chosen by many marketers and brand owners and the reason is that they are a versatile solution for repeated brand exposure at a fairly low cost in comparison to other advertising channels. 

The reasons this advertising medium is so continuously successful is for the following reasons:

Why choose an umbrella for advertising?

Umbrellas for brand exposure

Wherever you are in the world, it will always rain or it will be sunny so your umbrella will always be in use. You don’t need to turn the advertising on or off, it will be used by the recipient if it is a gift or it will be used if it’s being used by a host at an event to chaperone guests then all event guests will be exposed to your brand. If you are a property developer and gifting the umbrella to each person who purchases one of your buildings, then each time that advertising umbrella is used their logo is shared. Same goes for umbrellas branded by hotels. Hotel umbrellas get used by their guests, taken home and repeatedly used. So repeated brand exposure is a great reason to use umbrellas for marketing.

Umbrellas for brand consistency

An umbrella is an extension of your brand. It should include your brand colours and logo. It can be an exact representation of your corporate colours. Pantone matching is essential to get your umbrella to be an extension of your company tool box, just the same as your stationery, staff uniforms an website will all be consistent in their colours and message.

Umbrellas inclusive of brand values

Just as your company will include integrity and trust, so should your umbrella. Your advertising umbrella needs to be strong, durable, great quality as well as be able to withstand the weather elements and repeated use. Choosing the model of umbrella to suit its end users shouldn’t mean you need to compromise on quality. All of our models of umbrellas come with a two-year guarantee for quality. Each model from the golf range, walking range and folding umbrellas we offer all boast the same superb credentials.

Umbrellas to maximise marketing budget

So advertising umbrellas can maximise your marketing budget and also build on the brand credentials you are building each time you choose a product to represent your brand.

Which model of umbrella is best for advertising?

Golf Umbrellas are great for big visibility at events and on TV due to the size of the panels.

City Walker Umbrellas are a sophisticated twist on the traditional wood walking umbrella. Chosen because it is useful in urban spaces but also stylish.

Wood Walker Umbrellas are synonymous with British culture and selected by traditional brands looking to add to their sturdy credentials.

Folding Umbrellas are great as marketing giveaways as they are light enough to mail as well as pass out at an event. Easy to fold up and carry in a bag when not in use.

Benefits of advertising umbrellas

magenta Pantone matched auto opening folding umbrella

Quality umbrella panels

Sturdy frame

Durable fibreglass ribs

Comfortable handle

8 reasons to choose The Umbrella Workshop


Our umbrellas all have a 2 year quality guarantee that they won’t let you down.


We understand creative execution, our small team have textile or creative degrees.


Thousands of global brands trust us with their brand identity to ensure we match it accurately.


More than 15 years experience in the promotional merchandise industry, we know what we’re doing.


With production facilities in the UK and Far East we’ve got a model of umbrella to suit your requirements.


Huge range of print method and design options including Pantone matching, attention to detail is imperative to your brand and our reputation.


Your strict deadline is ours and we’ll work with you to ensure swift and accurate delivery through our global distribution service.


We can ship to multiple addresses and anywhere in the world.

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