Custom Folding Umbrella for Management Consultancy


This example of Folding Umbrella was specially crafted for a prominent management consultant located in Frome. This elegant umbrella features a double canopy, with both the inner and outer canopies meticulously Pantone-matched to the client’s brand guidelines, and their distinctive logo elegantly showcased on four panels. To ensure safekeeping, this project included a matching zipped sleeve for the umbrella, allowing you to stow it away securely.

Our umbrella range comprises three core models: Golf umbrellas, Walking umbrellas, and Folding umbrellas, with various options tailored to your budget and time constraints. If you require a quick turnaround, we offer UK-manufactured umbrellas, ready within 2-3 weeks, featuring logo printing on umbrellas as the primary customisation option. For those with a bit more lead time, a wider array of customisation possibilities is at your disposal. You can include digital prints on umbrellas both the inner and outer canopies, seamlessly matched at the seams. Furthermore, you can enhance Walking umbrellas with engraved handle rings or Golf umbrellas with branded logo disks. Additional options include umbrellas with metallic ink, branded woven labels, and personalised poppers on the tie wrap.

We specialise in branded promotional merchandise, such as branded clothing, custom-made bags, and other branded items, all sourced responsibly and devoid of single-use plastics. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can assist your business with sustainable branded merchandise, please visit our website at Wurlin or contact us at +44 (0)1225 667979.

We collaborate with clients worldwide and offer international shipping services to meet your needs.

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