Why you would Benefit from Company Umbrellas 

February 2024

Every opportunity to showcase your company’s brand is a chance to shine. Imagine walking down a bustling city street, and amidst the sea of dull, boring umbrellas, you’re carrying one that truly stands out – bold, elegant and proudly displaying your company logo or branding. That’s the magic of personalised company umbrellas! 

Company Umbrellas | Branded Umbrellas

Be Everywhere, Even in The Rain

Think of company umbrellas as your brand’s mobile ambassadors. Rainy days? Your logo can still turn heads and spark conversations. 

The eye-catching design of your company umbrella will not only shield users from the elements but also draw attention to your brand, effectively increasing your company’s exposure and ensuring your brand stays top of mind even on the dullest day. 

Elevate Your Brand’s Image 

Luxury is in the details, and sophistication and quality are essential for personalised umbrellas. The Umbrella Workshop offer unique finishing touches that will set your brand apart from the rest, such as woven labels, embroidered tie wraps, engraved handles, piping and much more. 

When your team or clients carry these high-quality umbrellas with your company logo, it sends a powerful message about your commitment to excellence.  

brown with teal contrast piping and logo detail on promtional umbrella

Gifts That Wow

Say goodbye to uninspired corporate gifts and hello to personalised umbrellas that stick in people’s minds. Practical, stylish and infused with your brand’s identity, these gifts will leave a lasting impact. 

Whether rewarding employees or delighting clients, a high-quality branded umbrella is more than just a gift – it’s a symbol of appreciation that strengthens relationships and fosters loyalty. 

The undeniable practicality of an umbrella also ensures your gift will be used repeatedly, reinforcing your brand with each use. 

Umbrella manufacturing expertise

Maximise Your Marketing Impact 

Traditional advertising methods can be hit or miss – they’re expensive and may not guarantee the same level of exposure as a well-placed company umbrella. Branded umbrellas offer a cost-effective way to make a splash. 

Your logo will get noticed with each use, turning ordinary rainy days into prime advertising opportunities. It’s targeted marketing at its finest, ensuring your brand stays front and centre without breaking the bank.  

Corporate Gifts That People Really Want 

Let’s be honest; we’ve all been given a corporate gift that we know we’ll never use. It might be a branded mug, a pen drive, a paperweight, or something else entirely. You know they’ll kick around on your desk for a while before hanging around in your drawer even longer before eventually being chucked out. An branded umbrella is an inherently useful gift that people will be grateful for, leaving them thinking about your brand each time they reach for it to shelter from a shower. 

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