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Umbrella with 4-colour print

4 Colour Print Process On Umbrella

Or Fine Art Printing on Umbrella For fine art printing we have the ability of printing to a extremely high quality using a 4 colour print process used, specifically for reproduction of artwork and gallery pieces where dramatic colour and shading is required. Fine art printing requires detailed reproduction of subtle colour differences and depth. […]

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Fine art print on umbrella

The History and Derivation of Umbrellas

The word umbrella originates from the word ‘Umbra’ which means the shade cast by an opaque object. In 1609 there is a mention in the English Poet John Donne’s letters. He uses the term ‘ombrello’. This was then altered with the influence of the word ‘Umbra’, from ‘Umbella’ to ‘Umbrella’: the word we recognise immediately today.

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