Shadow print skyline umbrella

Internal Print Umbrellas


Internal print show through on umbrella

This clever shadow print skyline umbrella was achieved with a double canopy on a city walker umbrella. The double canopy enabled us to create the internal print showing through the top canopy as a shadow, adding to the superior quality of the brand. There are many design options when using an internal print double canopy umbrella. We are able to achieve a great internal print on an umbrella with a screen or digital printing to suit the complexity of your artwork.

Great examples of internal print on an umbrella have been by building developers wanting to print maps on an umbrella or brands printing a photo on the inside of an umbrella so the user looks up and sees a face or clouds.

Our range of umbrellas include three core models: golf umbrellaswalking umbrellas and folding umbrellas. Each model includes variants to suit your budget or lead time. It maybe you need an umbrella quickly and therefore we’ll offer you a UK manufactured umbrella which we can turn around within 2-3 weeks. Customisation options are limited to a logo print on a UK manufactured umbrella, but if you have a slightly longer lead time then we can print inside and outside of the umbrella. You can add a branded woven label to your customised umbrella or you can engrave a neck ring to a walking umbrella or a branded logo disk to a golf umbrella handle.

We are specialists in branded promotional merchandise. Printed umbrellas, custom-made bags and other branded merchandise that is sensibly sourced and never single-use plastic. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your business with sustainable branded merchandise, then find out more from us by visiting Wurlin or call us +44 (0)1225 667979. We work with global clients and ship internationally.

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