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Venda brolly

The vending machine for emergency umbrella moments!

You have to admit, in the UK especially, that a brolly (or two) will always come in handy. So handy that some bright spark has started selling folding umbrellas from vending machines! It was only ever a matter of time. We spotted this one at a train station in the South West and would’ve given it a go – had we been caught without our old faithful Umbrella Workshop branded brolly.

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Bentley umbrella

Vantablack umbrella?

Acclaimed sculptor, Anish Kapoor, famed for his huge-scaled sculptures designed to unsettle the viewer and twist their surroundings, is exploring the possibilities of working with the world’s darkest, blackest material, Vantablack. We heard this exciting news this morning and read it in Dazed.

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