Contrasting Perimeter Tape

Contrasting perimeter tape is the tape that goes around the edge of the umbrella. This gives your Promotional Umbrella a high quality finish and prevents wear and tear.

The perimeter tape may also be used vertically to line the ribs of your umbrella and can also create a frame effect for your umbrella canopy panels

At Umbrella Workshop we have an eye for design and detail, on many umbrellas a perimeter tape in a contrasting colour really gives your umbrella that extra something.

It’s the little things that can make a big difference to the overall design.

Contrasting perimeter tape is available on the following umbrella models:

  • City Umbrellas
  • Golf Umbrellas
  • Telescopic & Folding Umbrellas
  • Parasols

The perimeter tape can be fully pantone matched to your brand colours.

When used in conjunction with our choice of coloured thread, brilliant design and styling can be achieved.

A number of examples can be found in our Printed umbrella Gallery

Contrasting Perimeter Tape