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Order umbrella samples

If you would like to see a physical sample of any of our umbrellas, please fill out the form below. If you require any specific colours or print methods, please indicate this.

We offer samples on a loan basis, and if they are not suitable we ask that they are returned back to us.

We will invoice you for the umbrellas if they are not returned within 1 month.

If you order your umbrellas from us we waive any charges associated with these samples.

We charge samples on the following subsidised basis.

  • Shipping Charge £ 6.95
  • Each model of Umbrella £ 10.00

These prices exclude VAT which will be added to your invoice.

Please select the accept box to confirm you accept our Sample Terms.

If you require any specific colours or print methods, please indicate this on this form. We will try and send you colours as required, if they are from our stock range.

These can be found here.

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Please note that as part of our manufacturing process on Promotional Umbrellas from the Far East we offer a Full Production Sample prior to full production.

All our umbrellas come with a quibble free 2 year warranty and with over 10 years experience in umbrella design and creation you know your umbrellas are in safe hands.

Please call or email to discuss what we can do for you 01225 667979 or info@umbrellaworkshop.com