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How to Supply Artwork for Umbrellas

Here at The Umbrella Workshop, we pride ourselves on having made brollies for some really BIG brands: Bollinger, Bentley and Mandarin Oriental Hotels to name but a few! Companies like these often employ agencies to take care of promotional products like their logo umbrellas, but we’re just as happy working with more boutique brands looking for premium products with their logos on. So if you’re one of them and in need of a little extra assistance when ordering branded umbrellas, our friendly team at The Umbrella Workshop are here to help!

Walker-umbrella-with-double-canopy-and-matched-to-telescopic-rangeFirst things first

In order to provide you with a quote for an umbrella, we’ll firstly need to know the sort of style you’re after: a folding ‘telescopic’ design, a traditional golf umbrella, a children’s umbrella or an elegant ‘walker’ style design? Each of these different types comes in different models depending on the size and colour you’re after. We can supply spec sheets or talk you through it on the phone.

Show us your logo

By sending us your logo or other design you want printed on an umbrella, we’ll be able to gauge how many different colours it includes and therefore the price it will cost to print. You should send your logo / design to us in EPS format. This effectively means that it can be resized by us to without any adverse effects in terms of quality when applied to the panel of an umbrella.

If you don’t have a designer who can do this for you, The Umbrella Workshop can provide artwork services at a cost of £30/hour.

  • If you have only simple artwork requirements we are happy to re-format into a print ready format.
  • Simple text logo in .jpg or word format – this is pretty straightforward and we will prepare it FREE.
  • Jpeg or photo of simple logo – this would usually take us an hour to convert.
  • Complex drawn design to transfer to digital print-ready format – approx. 2 hours required for this.

On time & on budget

Who doesn’t want their umbrellas delivered on time and on budget? If you already have a price in mind, let us know. We’re lucky to have factories all over the world, allowing us to pick the one that best suits the available timeframe / destination for delivering your umbrellas. We can also suggest using different materials to help you achieve the finished product at the price you had in mind.

Ready to roll? Give us a call at The Umbrella Workshop on +44 (0)1225 66 79 79

The vending maching for emergency umbrella moments!


You have to admit, in the UK especially, that a brolly (or two) will always come in handy. So handy that some bright spark has started selling folding umbrellas from vending machines! It was only ever a matter of time. We spotted this one at a train station in the South West and would’ve given it a go – had we been caught without our old faithful Umbrella Workshop branded brolly. Compact it may be, yet sturdy enough to survive some pretty stormy weather as well… it’s really stood the test of time.

It’s not unusual to come across mangled umbrellas discarded in the street, or hanging out of dustbins after a storm has passed. However, every model we supply comes with a three year guarantee as standard. They’ve all been specially designed to withstand their fair share of wind and rain, as The Umbrella Workshop prides itself on producing umbrellas that are built to last.

Premium umbrellas

Durable and beautiful are two v. important aspects of our premium umbrellas, which is what makes them so popular with luxury brands wanting to ensure their own high standards are replicated in promotional or corporate merchandise bearing their name.

Make your mark on any model

There’s no doubt that folding or ‘telescopic’ style umbrellas are incredibly convenient for keeping with you ‘just in case’. However, the more heavy duty design of the traditional golf umbrellas is ideal for outdoor events and just what you want to protect you from a torrential downpour. Meanwhile, the popular ‘walker’ style umbrellas are real fashion accessories in themselves with an optional wooden handle and other features like engraved neck rings to help you stand out from the crowd.

Style & substance

We want the people using our umbrellas to enjoy them, thanks to custom options such as comfort gel handles, stylish wooden shafts and stunning double printed canopies. But of equal importance is how these umbrellas look to everyone else – their ability to convey a message or keep a particular brand in people’s mind. Umbrella canopies offer a generous surface area for branding and our team is on hand to help ensure your design looks as striking as it possibly can.

There’s a brolly out there for every occasion, so don’t get caught short! For premium branded umbrellas you can count on, contact The Umbrella Workshop.

5 cool custom options for umbrellas

There’s more to branded umbrellas than meets the eye – printing your logo on the outside is just the start…

Read on to discover five cool custom options for our premium pieces:

1. Pantone matching

Company colours play an important part in branding, so you’ll want to make sure that your promotional umbrellas represent them in the most accurate way. That’s why we offer a Pantone matching service for fabric, zips and other trimmings. Printing on Pongee (high quality polyester) can affect the way colours are rendered. That’s why we use a dedicated Pantone chart.

2. EngravingENGRAVING

It’s the attention to detail and final flourishes that really set our premium range of promotional umbrellas apart from the rest. The option to engrave the metal handle neck ring on the handle is a popular choice for those who want to make the most of the areas available for branding.

3. Stress ball handle

Wooden and silicon handles are all well and good, but our special ergonomic handles never fail to impress. A bit like a memory foam pillow, they adjust to fit the contours of your hand. You can also add a handle decal to the end.

SQUARE_UMBRELLA4. Novelty designs

Not all umbrellas are created equal… They come in different shapes and sizes, including unusual square shapes and wine bottle designs. We even have an incredible ‘light sabre’ style umbrella in our collection, which lights up at the push of a button.

5. Double canopy

What we mean by this is a print on the inside of your umbrella. It might be limited to printed a design along the outside (like this London skyline umbrella) or include an entirely bespoke creation, such as the bespoke map on the inside of this … umbrella, which shows you where to find other restaurants in the chain around London.

Get in touch with us at The Umbrella Workshop to request a quote or to discuss the full range of options available.

Umbrellas (and parasols) keep us busy all year round…

The Umbrella Workshop produces and distributes tailor-made umbrellas all over the world, so we’re busy all year round as you can always guarantee its rainy season somewhere! That said, as specialists in umbrellas of various shapes, sizes and colours, it was only a matter of time before printed parasols became part of our range as well… Come rain or shine, you can count on The Umbrella Workshop to protect your customers and even your products themselves from the elements in style!

Our custom-made parasols – case study

We’ve made stunning promotional parasols for the likes of Marshfield Ice Cream. They asked us to produce a design to complement their distinctive black and white cow print colour scheme. So where there’s ice-cream to be sold, our printed parasols will be working hard to attract the attention of passers-by, while protecting the sellers and their wares from melting in the heat. Multi-tasking is what they do best.

Our promotional parasols are built to last and available in a range of designs. From traditional garden style parasols to large square canopy parasols, we have a range of parasol styles and frames with easy opening and closing and different base options. Promotional parasols provide a cost-effective way of promoting your brand.

Get in touch for a quick quote!


An Umbrella Fit for a Queen!

For tailor-made umbrellas of the highest quality – or literally fit for a queen – look no further than The Umbrella Workshop! Earlier this year, we were approached to make an umbrella specifically to protect her majesty from the unpredictable Great British weather. Having already produced some very special umbrellas in our time (for designers and diplomats alike) our team rose to the challenge and delivered something suitably regal… complete with royal crest, of course.

What kind of umbrella gets the royal sign of approval?

All our umbrellas are produced to the highest quality and come with a two year guarantee as standard. So rest assured, each and every customer gets the ‘royal treatment’ and umbrellas that are both remarkably durable and incredibly handsome.

Her_Majestys_UmbrellaBut if you want an insight into the various elements that set this particular design apart from other exciting umbrella based projects we’ve worked on, you’ll find HM The Queen’s spec outlined below:

  • Canopy: Red, white and blue (what else?) fabric known as ‘pongee’ – printed, then stitched together
  • Shaft & Frame: Pantone matched red, unusual and distinctive
  • Handle: comfort grip
  • Printed and manufactured here in the UK, with the added benefit of shorter lead times and savings made on shipping

So if you’d like logo umbrellas fit for a queen – our clients are in great company! – then submit your enquiry to us via our quick quote form and we’ll be in touch. Our umbrellas can be extra-large or telescopic small… it’s up to you.

For more on the design options we offer, ranging from contrasting perimeter tape to novelty shaped umbrellas, handle engraving to custom packaging, check out our custom umbrella design options page.

PMS or Pantone matching system

PMS – not to be confused with the monthly troubles women can endure, but the universal matching system that allows printers, designers and manufacturers to perfectly match colours on any fabric or material.

We make cups of coffee and ask what PMS our colleagues are looking for. Some like it with milk and for non-milk drinkers, a Pantone reference helps us determine how much milk to include.

Do you look out the window and try to Pantone match the leaves on the trees or the sky?

We’ve found this great project by Inka Mathew. She’s taken objects she’s found in her normal day and matched them to her Pantone plus solid chips, taken photos with her iPhone and catalogued them against the chips. A selection of some of those images are here. Check out her project for yourself though, it’s a great colour project.

Great Tool from PANTONE, matching colour to pantone references.

We at the Umbrella Workshop, love colour.

We live and breathe it each day. We have our favourite colours, our troublesome colours and colours we think should not come out to play.

Pantone book image

PANTONE is the absolute resource for designers , clients and printers and manufacturers to speak in the same language of colour.

As the Inuit tribes of the north pole have 200 different names for snow, so we have for colour.

I would like a sky blue umbrella please

Take a blue for example, clients often ask for a sky blue umbrella canopy.  When we look out the window from our offices in BATH,  usually the sky is far from blue, its kind of bluey grey, with a Turner-esqe touch of red…. This isn’t very helpful is it… so that where the people of PANTONE come in. They catorgorise colours to a ref. such as 2975C Sky Blue.

Wohee – this is great, well sort of . colour changes depending on the situation.

Things that affect colour.

  • Ambient light source, where is the light coming from.
  • Type of lighting e.g. sun light / office lights.
  • Substate of material. PANTONE use both Coat (C) and Uncoated (U) References when describing colour, as colour subtly changes.
  • Transparency of the material.

Tools for selecting colour or color as our American brethren say.

Pantone have a number of great tools from transferring colour from.

The obvious one is the Pantone books, quite expensive is you only occasionally use colour, and the full set will set you back .


A full set of Pantone guides will  set you back £450 ($700). You can buy PANTONE books second hand through sources such as Ebay and Amazon. But be aware that colours do fade on the books and they get pretty battered when being used at a printers or a studio.

Colour and Pantone on the IPhone and IOS

There are a number of great tools which allows the easy match of colours from different Pantone books such as form C to U or vise versa.

IOS pantone matching software


You can get this get access to this at the PANTONE mothership.

The Beauty of C

The original intention of this post was to explain that we only work in Pantone Coated references.

So when you want an umbrella to be Pantone Matched , please let us know the closest Pantone Coated reference, often referred to PMS C.

You can find details of our Pantone Book and Stock fabrics and their pantone colours. on our design section of the website.

Portfolio of luxury promotional merchandise

Nyetimber commissioned us to produce a complimentary portfolio of branded merchandise that included a premium walking umbrella, USBs and pens.

Umbrella for luxury brand

As an established, high-end vineyard, their merchandise was also required to be of a high standard. Renowned for their quality – their chief wine maker, Cherie Spriggs made a stir in 2012 in the drinks industry due to her insistence on high-standards.

‘Over in West Sussex, Cherie Spriggs caused a stir this year when she declared she would not be bottling a 2012 vintage at her English sparkling estate Nyetimber, as the quality of her grapes was not up to her high standard.’ – Lucy Shaw, The Drinks Business, 21 December 2012.

With their standards in mind, we created a quality set of branded merchandise to suit their brand values. A quality portfolio of bespoke branded promotional merchandise that consisted of a wooden branded USB, wooden branded pen and stunning customised promotional umbrella with double canopy which gives it a luxury feel.

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A symbol for democracy

There are striking images coming from Hong Kong of protesters using umbrellas as a symbol for pro-democracy which are moving and emotive. Protesters have been using umbrellas to protect them from tear gas and are using them to mark territory they are occupying.

We’re wishing our colleagues and associates a safe and democratic outcome.

Chalk umbrella America Aljazeera Thousands of pro-democracy protesters gather to march in the streets to demand universal suffrage in Hong Kong HK single man with umbrella


Vantablack umbrella?


Acclaimed sculptor, Anish Kapoor, famed for his huge-scaled sculptures designed to unsettle the viewer and twist their surroundings, is exploring the possibilities of working with the world’s darkest, blackest material, Vantablack. We heard this exciting news this morning and read it in Dazed.

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