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Bath’s Brolly Walk

Brolly Street in BathThis summer, Georgian Bath (a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, no less) is looking more photogenic than ever before – hard to believe, we know, but it’s thanks in part to the installation of Umbrella Street in the city’s SouthGate development.

As umbrella connoisseurs, we’re obviously BIG fans of the rainbow brollies and the cheery touch they’ve brought to the shopping district… come rain or shine!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen or heard of Umbrella Street, either. There was a similar display in Agueda in Portugal in 2011. Photos of it were shared the world over and with the installation proving so popular, it’s been followed up with more displays every summer since then.

They’ve been seen decorating Borough Market in London, as well as Anne’s Lane in Dublin. Who knows where they’ll pop up next…?

Simple yet incredibly effective (not unlike our own umbrellas) these brollies have all done a great job of attracting attention with their striking appearance while proving their worth by providing shoppers with some shelter from the elements as well. Who says functional can’t be beautiful?!

Here at The Umbrella Workshop, we pride ourselves on producing beautiful umbrellas with top quality printed designs on behalf of some of the world’s most famous names in food & drink, travel & tourism, fashion & retail, health & beauty – to name but a very few.

Check out our printed umbrella gallery to see some of the stunning designs in our portfolio. We’ve worked with everyone from Bentley and Bollinger to Monaco Tourism and RBS, so you’ll be in safe hands working with the trusted and experienced team at The Umbrella Workshop. Send us an enquiry now!

Flag on umbrella

Best of British

The Umbrella Workshop offers a vast number of umbrellas for branding, including various options manufactured here in Britain.

  • Do you need branded umbrellas printed quickly?
  • Is British manufacture an essential part of your brand?
  • Simply want to save on shipping?

This is the option for you…

The Umbrella Workshop can create both golf sport and city walking style umbrellas customised with your own eye catching design. Take a look around our printed umbrella gallery for some examples of what we can do.

We’ve produced high quality umbrellas just like these for clients including the British Embassy. Our own Umbrella Workshop branded umbrellas are also printed and manufactured in Britain!

White umbrella with stripes

Quick and cost-effective

Manufacturing in Britain has many advantages, depending on your product spec, with the potential to reduce both turnaround time and shipping costs, as well as helping to protect jobs in the UK and create new ones.

  • Quick turnaround, promotional items produced and delivered asap
  • Ideal for urgent orders
  • Perfect for simple design specs
  • Keeps shipping costs to a minimum

Here’s one we made earlier

British Embassy umbrella

British Embassy umbrellas

  • Manufactured in Sheffield
  • Printed on pongee (high quality polyester used for canopy of the umbrella) then sewn together for best result
  • Feature an unusual and distinctive red shaft, point and handle

Turnaround time

Urgent order to place? Contact us now with your specifications and we can advise you on the design options available. All our umbrellas come with a two year guarantee as standard.

Visit our sister site The Bag Workshop for information on creating promotional bags and Wurlin for details of other printed promotional items available.

Artist's work printed on umbrella. People dressed up as toys.

Jon Rafman artist promotional umbrella

Artist’s work on umbrella

Montreal born artist, filmmaker and essayist focuses on the impact of technology on the contemporary consciousness and how it distances us from ourselves. His work has gained much attention with his exhibitions of images found on Google Street View.

Evocative and thought-provoking, Jon Rafman’s work encourages us to evaluate what it means to be human and how our digital age is now defining us as humans and revealing the origins of loneliness and alienation in our modern society. He says “While celebrating and critiquing modern experience, the technological tools themselves show how they can estrange us from ourselves.”

Jon Rafman has received praise from publications that include The Guardian, Time Out and The Art Newspaper. His first major solo exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection’s London gallery closes next week and we are pleased to have manufactured an outstanding umbrella featuring his work. Unusual and eye-catching this umbrella is a double canopy walking umbrella. With a two year guarantee for quality and has been storm proof tested against gusts of 40mph.

The print detail is precise and if you look closely at the design you will see that what appears to be cuddly toys, are real people dressed up. If you look hard enough you’ll find the Stig.

Other work we’ve done for artists on umbrellas, include photographer Clive Sawyer and a beautiful oil painting for a museum of a Caillebotte oil painting.  The level of detail is so well interpreted that it is hard to believe it is printed on pongee – a high quality polyester that we use for our umbrella canopies.

Museum umbrellas, artist umbrellas and illustrators choose to print umbrellas with their work because they are great gifts and a great way to bring revenue into a small business. The end user likes to buy an umbrella because they are useful but also because they are great gifts. Unusual prints on umbrellas are exciting and can add a sense of style and individuality.


City Umbrella with photo imagery

Clive Sawyer photographer work on umbrella

Property developers get beautiful

Blog_prop Printed-map-and-custom-woven-label-for-promotional-Walker-umbrella

We work within a variety of industries to provide different umbrellas for a number of purposes. That can include giving umbrellas as gifts to clients, using in an appropriate situation as well as a visual promotion.
Property developers and estate agents are among some of our more regular clients. An umbrella is often required when managing and conducting viewings for prospective buyers. It provides a great space to promote your brand as well as protect the user from the rain between property viewings.

Continue Reading…

The umbrella workshop prestigious client base

The History and Derivation of Umbrellas

The word umbrella originates from the word ‘Umbra’ which means the shade cast by an opaque object. In 1609 there is a mention in the English Poet John Donne’s letters. He uses the term ‘ombrello’.  This was then altered with the influence of the word ‘Umbra’, from ‘Umbella’ to ‘Umbrella’: the word we recognise immediately today.  Continue Reading…


How Promotional Umbrellas Can Work for You

Choosing a promotional item that can also serve a useful purpose is an important element to consider when marketing your business or product. Promotional umbrellas make for an extremely desirable gift. Items that are used daily, such as promotional pens, printed mugs, branded clothing are great for low-cost giveaways, but can have quite a short life and may be quickly discarded. Promotional umbrellas however are not a gift that would be discarded, at worst they might be passed on to somebody else.  Continue Reading…

Big brand umbrella advertising

A 5 minute guide to promotional marketing

What is promotional marketing? 

Simply put it’s a marketing strategy which aims to get potential customers to choose your product or brand.  The primary objective of promotional marketing is to keep your product or brand in the mind of the customer.  You want them to buy from you so it’s essential to promote your business effectively.  Continue Reading…